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2 Months With Arlo

Hello Friends!! I wanted to check in with Arlo’s 2 month update… (only a week late this time!) These are just some pics from my iphone… I know, tsk, tsk, I should whip out the good cam for these… but these pics were totally unplanned (it was the only day I dressed him in something other than a white onsie, because we were having visitors lol) and I got carried away with my phone, and then before I knew it he was fussy and it was too late to document with the camera… I’ll be better next month, I swear ;)

So, anyway, my baby is two months!!! I can’t honestly say that time feels like its“flying” because, for some reason it doesn’t feel that way, BUT, I can say that it feels like he’s grown so much bigger and changed so much SO quickly! So I guess what I am trying to say is they change SOOOOO fast! Actually, I read an amazing quote on a friends instagram pic (Ya, that’s where I get my wisdom these days haha!) that really summed it up perfectly, it said ” The days are long but the years really are so fast.” @Sollybabywrap I know, I have not yet been a mom for a year, not even close, but I grasp the concept and I feel it nails my life in this present moment.

I know my 1 month update was sorta debbie downer, I just want to try and be as honest about my motherhood experience as possible, because I like to keep this blog real and not give my readers diabetes with all the sugar coating and what not ;) but mainly because, when I do it all over again, If I ever am so blessed as to have future babies I want to look back at this like a journal to remind myself of all the moments of motherhood, the good, the bad and the ugly! That being said at about 6 weeks things started getting SO MUCH EASIER!!! Thank the Lord Jesus!


Arlo Ace O’Rourke 

2 months old

12.2 pounds

24 inches long

confirmed “Big Boy” weighing in at the top 25th percentile in weight and height


Around 6 weeks Arlo started SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I seriously hope I did NOT just jinx that by typing that!!) Actually, it should be noted that these past few nights he has been waking twice, because apparently he is going through a mental leap / growth spurt… so that’s especially rough now that we’ve had a taste of sleep again! Hopefully once this leap is over we’ll have our good sleeper back!!


He usually sleeps somewhere between 6-8 hours a night and oh my goodness is it HEAVENLY! We’re not positive how it happened really because he is on no schedule, I never tried to put him on one because, well, I am not on a schedule of any sorts, so I wouldn’t know what schedule to try and put him on even if I wanted to put him on one haha! But one thing we did start doing is gradually moving him out of our bedroom and I think that helped a lot. Arlo is a VERY noisy sleeper, he grunts and flails like 24/7 so when he slept next to me in the moses basket he would wake me up several times a night and I thought he had woken up so I would pick him up and feed him, but once we moved him out and observed him on the monitor we found he still flails and grunts but is NOT really awake and 90% of the time we both fall back asleep without any need to feed! So once he outgrew the moses basket, I wasn’t quite ready to move him into his crib because we didn’t have a window shade in his nursery and I didn’t want him waking up with the sun, so for a couple weeks, Arlo slept in his stroller and we rolled him into the hallway outside our bedroom near the bathroom, with the bathroom fan on to drown out his grunts and work as white noise for him… We set up the baby monitor, but could still hear him if he started crying and that’s when we discovered he sleeps through the night! I just kept waking him up when he was next to me! Another thing we believe helped was we pulled a “bad parent” move and let him sleep on his stomach at about 6 weeks too because he is much comfier that way and always hated being swaddled so on his back his arms were always flailing like a mad man! I let him sleep on his stomach during naptime before this (as per pediatricians recommendation to help pass gas) and he was stellar at moving his head side to side and lifting it up, so that made us feel like he would be fine on his stomach at night. Just in case, any of you were ready to call CPS on me or anything ;)

In other Arlo news, he has become such a happy boy, his colic has gotten SO much better, dare I say he’s outgrown it? I went Dairy and soy free, and I think that has helped also! He smiles at me throughout the day and it just melts my heart!!! I know he knows who I am now and no other feeling in the world compares!! It’s amazing! At his 2 month check up we found out that he is chunky 12.2 pounds of chunk to be exact, he’s just a few ounces away from doubling his birth weight at 8 weeks! Also, he’s tall, 24 inches! Hopefully he’ll end up being tall like his dad, I’ll feel bad if he gets my height gene haha! He loves playing Patty Cake, “Standing” up, and being naked! He is very busy, always moving his legs and arms around like crazy, he’s a wiggle worm! He hates the bottle (still hasn’t taken one!!) and pacifiers and the nose frieda. He wears size 2 diapers and 3 month clothes.

I have been exclusively breastfeeding him since day 1, he’s never had a bottle, I waited until 6 weeks to try and introduce a bottle and he HATES it! Will not take it and chokes and gags on it! I’ve tried like 6 different bottle / nipple combos now too! So any tips there would be greatly appreciated! Luckily, I can bring him (and my boob) basically anywhere I go so there’s no urgent need for him to take a bottle and now my milk supply has settled down and so pumping a bottle actually seems like more work than just taking him along, but, it does sound oh so enticing to drop him off with grandma and gramps for a couple hours and grab dinner with my man without having to hurry and be checking my phone every second to see if I’m “needed” or without having to bring our plus 1 along to dinner with us for once (he always seems to be hungry right when my food comes…how convenient…)

All in all things are going great! We cannot imagine our life without our little man hunk and wonder now what we did before him, haha, slept and ate out I guess ;) He’s the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. It’s sad looking back at photos of him when he was SO tiny, but at the same time it’s so much fun because it seems like each week more and more of his personality comes out and he just keeps getting more fun! I love him to pieces and I love watching him learn new things and take in all his surroundings. It’s such an amazing opportunity we get as parents to view life and the world through BRAND NEW eyes and experience everything for the first time again, alongside our children. Such a blessing. It’s indescribable really, hard to put into words, but I love it, and I’m pretty sure he’s my favorite person… sorry Pat :)

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1 Month With Arlo!

Hello friends!! Here I am finally posting Arlo’s 1 month update… almost a month late ;) and also his “newborn” photos me and my mom took when he was nearly a month old haha! Oh well, what are you gonna do!! So me and my mom got all Anne Geddes… (ummmmm, wth?) on Arlo’s booty and staged him in different areas of her yard, he was the perfect little photo prop and slept through it all!

Anyway, rewind to last month…

When I first laid eyes on my sweet Arlo It felt so surreal, yet so natural at the same time. In the hospital Pat and I were on cloud nine, we cuddled him, stared at him until the wee hours in the morning, I nursed him, we swooned big time, it just all felt really natural to me which surprised me because I have little to no experience with babies, especially teeny tiny day old ones! We even had a nurse come into our room and chat with us for like a half an hour about how we were such “naturals” and it was refreshing seeing a couple like us ( how much credit could she really give us we’d only been parents for a few hours haha!)! Not sure, what she meant exactly but hey, WE’LL TAKE IT!! Long rant short, I felt very confident about being a mother! Well, that lasted about a week, maybe two and then I started sobering up from my hormone cocktail and Arlo started to be awake more than like 3 hours a day, and oh lordy my confidence went out the window!! The “babymoon” phase was far from over (I would like to think it will never end!) but we were experiencing for our first time, some unfavorable weather… and we’ll call that “unfavorable weather” GAS. Oh break mamas heart in two why don’t ya! I don’t care how silly it sounds, when you witness your baby in pain, even as petty of a pain as gas, it KILLS, I mean KEEEEELS you! He was crying, like REALLY crying for the first time and there was only so much bicycling of the legs I could do ya know?!?! At this point I really has the wind blown out of my sails because I remembered before we left the hospital the nurse said once we get to week 3, everything will seem so much easier from there… well, it was the complete opposite for me, I felt like the first 2 weeks were a walk in the park, I mean, it was a sleepless, perio bottle loving park, but still… cake walk compared to week 3! And as a exclusively breastfeeding mother, when Arlo started having gas pains, I started blaming myself, what was I doing wrong, what was wrong with my breast milk to make my baby in such pain?!!? So… who do you ask… duh, google! So since then we’ve been through the google gamut… correcting an oversupply issue, an overactive letdown issue, food allergy issue… and now we are dairy and soy free… and still gassy :/ (We asked our pediatrician and she calls it colick and says patience and gripe water are the solutions until our sweet little one outgrows it. If any one has any other suggestions I would love for you to share!)

Then it happened, we were bouncing on the yoga ball (the only thing that will calm him at times) and we were both in tears… and I had my first parental “ah ha” moment… being a parent is the most heartbreaking experience I’ll ever have… Yes, the most joyful as well, but also heartbreaking. This is the first relationship I’ve been in where I literally share his pain, I mean, I’ve shared pain with my spouse (never cried when Pat had gas tho… just sayin), with my family, but it’s just not the same, if you’re a parent, you’ll know what I mean… when he’s good we’re good, when he’s bad, we’re bad… and this is just the first of a whole lifetime of pain we will share. This month it’s gas, soon it will be teething, then when you fall and scrape your knee, when you struggle in math, when you’re last to be picked for a sports team, when your girlfriend breaks up with you, etc, etc… Luckily, I’ll also always get to share his joy as well, those first smiles, first giggles, first steps, first words (better be mama!!), awesome forts, homeruns, good grades, etc… and whether it be his joys or his pains, it’s all worth it, the good and the bad… I’d take it all 100 times over, just to get to be your mama, just to get to be the one that comforts you in those moments of pain, to get to be the one at the receiving end of those first smiles, there’s nothing more worthwhile in my opinion. I am brand spankin new at this, but it’s become so clear to me that being a parent, is being selfless, and It gives me a whole new respect and understanding for my parents, parenting is not for the weak of heart!

So, this first month with Arlo has truly been the most incredible, joyful, raw and heartbreaking month of my life. That may sound dumb because, I mean c’mon crazy, it’s just gas, but let me tell you… I’ve never been more excited in my life for someone to fart or poop. Yup, that’s my life now, and I love it. Wouldn’t trade it for the world, even if it’s not one of those precious pampers commercials 100% of the time! It’s real, it’s love and It’s all mine, what more could I ask for in life?!!? Thank you Jesus for my sweet little boy.

Crowns: Crochet Savy

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The Birth Story of Arlo Ace

Wow, where do I even begin… ?!?! Giving birth to Arlo was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had! It’s been 15 days now and it still feels so surreal… but so amazing… and such a relief to be DONE with the whole labor part ;) It is true what they say… there is just nothing quite like birthing a soul and becoming a mother…do they even say that or did I just make that up…? You get the idea :) Anyway, lets get to how it all went down!

So, on Monday the 28th I noticed little trickles coming out here and there, I thought, “could this be my water breaking?!” but I didn’t want to get my hopes up because it felt like barely anything, so I went about my day and went over to my parents house to hang out while Pat was at work. I mentioned to my mom about the trickles and she wanted me to call the midwife ASAP, because that was the way she went into labor, so after talking to the nurse, they decided to have me come in to check and see if my water broke. In we went and it wasn’t my water, turns out I was just peeing myself here and there…? Another fun preggo side effect ;) But while we were in there my midwife offered to do an ultrasound to check the fluid levels and found that there was not quite enough fluids in her opinion to go on being pregnant safely, so she wanted me to come back tomorrow for my original appointment, check once again and if the fluids still looked low, she wanted me to be induced Tuesday night. The LAST thing I wanted after being pregnant this long and going past due was to be induced!!! After all, I originally wanted a home birth, so the thought of being induced was sooooooooooooo not what I wanted, I wanted to experience my body go into labor naturally so bad and I was afraid the pain would be intolerable and that I would end up getting an epidural, or worse that this little one still wouldn’t be ready and I would end up having a C-section! So when my midwife offered to check my cervix and do a membrane sweep ( I denied any checks up until 41 plus weeks because I didn’t feel like it would make a difference and it could be even more emotionally draining being not as dialated as I hoped, or being more dialated than I thought and walking around for weeks thinking it was gonna be any second… and the less hands going up my hooha the better in my opinion! But hey, after you’re 10 days overdue… you’re down for ANYTHING!!) I said “go ahead girl! Feel me up!” hoping the membrane sweep would kick start labor and prevent induction!!

After leaving the midwives office, I had a breakdown. I was so scared about the possibility of being induced, and having it not go successfully if my body and baby just still weren’t ready. I was so frustrated with my own body, wondering why it wasn’t getting the memo that it actually had to birth this child now and so burnt out on explaining why I hadn’t been induced yet, I was beginning to feel so defeated, I just started ugly crying. And besides early that week I had googled about the Taures baby and it actually said “A Taures baby cannot be rushed…” well, I already had been noticing that being 10 days past due and all ;) So I really did not want to begin my relationship with my son, by rushing him out of the womb! What if he always subliminally resented me for it…But, if it was what was best for him of course I would do it! I just hoped so badly that it wouldn’t come to that, my body handled this pregnancy so well, I wanted to see this chapter end and begin by it’s doing, not medicines doing!

That evening I started having pretty painful cramps, I didn’t want to get my hopes up because I had heard after a membrane sweep this was very normal, and sometimes would just stop after a few hours, but as the night went on the contractions got more and more painful, I couldn’t sleep, I would start to doze off then another would hit and wake me up in pain again… it was a longggggggggg night. I timed them and they were coming every 7 to 4 min, so that just frustrated me and made me doubt again that this was “really it” and I was going to be so mad if I was going through all this pain for NOTHING!! Then at 5 am I was in so much pain I couldn’t lay in bed anymore, or walk, I got into the bath, at that point my contractions were coming about every 4 to 5 min so Pat completely believed this was it… I still doubted it, not wanting to get my hopes up. I started throwing up and Pat called the midwife, she said it sounded like the real deal and suggested going to the hospital whenever we were ready to get checked. We labored at home until about 11 am then decided to go to the hospital. I did not want to go… I just did not want to move I was in so much pain, getting to the hospital sounded like absolute torture and I was dreading getting there and being checked and being told I was just having Braxton Hicks, because I still didn’t believe I was in labor… not because it didn’t hurt, I just can be such a pessimist sometimes and I didn’t want to get anyones hopes up!

When we got to the hospital I was at a 4 so, YAY this was REALLY IT and we got to stay! That’s when it FINALLY hit me, I was in labor! There was a nice bathtub in our hospital room, so I was able to get in that and stayed in there till I was about a 6. After that I was so tired from being up all night I got into the bed, they hooked me up to an IV because I had been throwing up and they were worried about dehydration. All I could do to get through the pain was moan… I really did not want to be THAT woman in labor… but it was all I could do to make it through some of those contractions! When I got to a 7 my midwife offered to break my water, she said because the babys head was so low and my water was still in tact it was causing intense pressure for me with every contraction and I felt like I already needed to push and if she broke my water it may speed things up, but also make things more painful. I said lets do it, but because of the time, she ended up waiting until the night shift nurses came and at that point I was 9 and 3/4 dialated! She also wanted to break my water to see if there was any meconium in it since Arlo was 10 days late, when she broke it there did end up being meconium so she called in the respiratory team to be there in case there was any complications.

Before I knew it  (about 7:20 pm) it was time to push, and oh my gawd was that part PAINFUL! I was making noises I didn’t even know were possible, I remember several times thinking “Wait, was that me of was that the baby’s first crys? Is he out?!?!” But, oh no, it was just me wailing in pain :) I was in the most awkward position while pushing, I was in way too much pain to move, so I started on my side sort of diagonal on the bed, one leg bent, one straight and it hurt all over, but I kept having to pause pushing because of this damn charlie horse in my hip!! My midwife kept suggesting trying a different position but I was in such pain, the thought of moving sounded impossible and I was afraid he would just get sucked back into my womb and I’d lose all my progress! I know… completely silly, but at that time, it seemed like a totally legitimate fear!  I think one of the best parts of labor without an epidural is how vivid the sensation to push is, I had a long ass labor (20 hours), but when it came to pushing I was done in about 20 min! HALLELUJIA!! My body was ready for that baby to be out and it didn’t need anyone telling it when to push, I literally just felt it take complete control! My midwife said she’d never seen a first timer push a babys head out so fast! I was so tired by that time with no sleep the night before, no food since that last dinner  I don’t think I could have lasted longer than 20 min!

Since my midwife knew we originally wanted a home birth she tried to cater to that as much as possible which was amazing! When it was time to “catch” the baby she let Pat “catch” him and put him on my chest!  Arlo was healthy and didn’t need any assistance from the resp. team which was a huge relief and blessing! I’ll never forget meeting my sweet son; feeling this slippery little person being placed on me and thinking “It’s really a baby and he’s really ours!” It was such a mix of emotions holding Arlo for the first time, it was still so surreal but also the most amazing and raw moment of my life, you feel something growing inside you for 9 months and you know it’s a baby, but it just never felt quite real to me until there he was, wet and wailing on my chest, a real live baby human, that was all ours! I was so elated to be holding the most precious gift in my arms finally and I was so relieved that the most painful part (bringing him into the world) was over and that we all survived!

My “Birth Plan” changed so much from the time I found out I was pregnant to delivery. Long story short, we started out wanting a home birth because of my intense fear of hospitals, but after a move and an insurance fiasco we ended up doing a hospital birth with a midwife. Now that it is all said and done, I can honestly say that I could not imagine doing it any other way. My midwife was AMAZING and she completely catered to everything we wanted for our birth, the hospital was very helpful and so respectful of our birth plan, I never felt pressured to have an epidural, there were no threats made to speed up my long ass labor, while we were there they never tried to take the baby to the nursery or push any formula, they were 110% respectful of all of our wishes and it was such a blessing having nurses on hand to help with anything and answer questions and BRING YOU FOOD! I actually think I would prefer doing it this way next time over a home birth, which I am totally shocked to type, but I loved being taken care of during and after labor, I loved that the brought me food and I didn’t have to think about that, I am head over heals in love with my Midwife, and I was right, I was in so much pain that I did not give a rats tush that I was in a hospital getting stuck with IV needles and having my blood drawn FOUR separate times ;) those contractions can be a real good distraction I guess ;)

It was a long day/night of labor, about 20 hours, but to me it really didn’t seem that long because I didn’t even believe that I was in labor until about 11 hours in haha, so I guess that’s a positive of being such a pessimist at times ;) While I was at the hospital I had no real concept of the time, I was feeling too much pain to look at the clock, I know that much! But, we feel so incredibly blessed to have had such a healthy perfect little bundle, all 6 pounds 14 oz of him and an intervention free labor and delivery taboot! Life is definitely such a miracle and we are just so honored to have gotten to have this experience and to now bring home and care for our little miracle is a complete privilege, my heart has never felt so full or so in love!

^^All I could keep down ^^

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40 Weeks PLUS a Few Days… Bump Update!

Hello friends!! I hope you all had a lovely Easter! Our entire weekend was pretty splendid, I must say! On Saturday (Baby’s due date)  we finally finished photographing the nursery (can’t wait to share those pics!) and then drove up to Tahoe to hike Martis Valley and OMG that place was incredible! The photos in this post are all from our hike there, and they don’t do it justice, not even close! It was such a gorgeous day, we hiked 4 miles in hopes to walk our little guy out, but he just ain’t budging! Regardless, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our little ones due date… well, unless, of course, he was born, that would have definitely topped it ;) But the hike was lovely, it almost felt like our “babymoon” if a hike can count as that… Pat and I always wanted to do a babymoon, but never seemed to have enough money or time to make it happen, then before we knew it BAM – baby’s due! Sooooo, this was really nice to get to do this together! It felt like a refreshing end to this chapter of just us two, and Carlita of course… ;) We concluded the hike with take out Thai food in hopes to spice this little nugget out, but no luck there haha… at least the thai food was good!

Then on Easter, we got to go down to Carson City and spend time with family and friends! It was lovely all getting to be together! Just a great weekend all together! Thank you Jesus!


Luckily, I am only a few days past my due date and I actually am still pretty comfortable, so I really can’t complain! I have lots of energy, my feet aren’t swollen, I’m sleeping pretty good, staying pretty active, so that makes going past my due date a whole lot more tolerable… let’s hope I didn’t just completely jinx myself now ;) I’ve actually been really proud of my body and how it handled being pregnant! You hear so many horror stories about how miserable it is to be pregnant, I guess it’s different for everyone, I have loved being pregnant and have felt pretty dang good the majority of the time! Don’t get me wrong… I STRUGGLED till about 4 months with morning sickness and STILL have it if I don’t take my pill for it, and I’ve had my bouts of “back pain” and what not, but for the most part, my body has handled it well! Now… let’s see how labor goes… and see if I’ll still be blabbering on about how “enjoyable” this whole experience has been, haha!

Total weight gain: Still 25!
Maternity clothes? Here and there… I am so over the total of 4 pieces of maternity clothes I bought, I’ve been getting creative with my spring wardrobe or just throwing on workout clothes! It is getting harder and harder dressing this big ass bump tho! My mom and I went shopping for an Easter dress a few days before Easter and it felt like NOTHING fit or looked good! So glad, I am almost done, I just felt like a whale in everything!
Stretch marks? Still none yet, thank God! Hoping my body can hold off just a tad longer!
Sleep: Pretty good, I get up once or twice to take a leak, but other than that, I’m comfy! I’m enjoying my last days of mostly uninterrupted sleep!
Best moment this week: The hike! It was just so gorgeous! I already can’t wait to do it again, with baby!!
Movement? Yes, still quite a bit!
Food Cravings: ice cream :)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still, just crappy foods that give me heartburn… I’ve learned to avoid them though!
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: I have been having some contractions, but they’re pretty random and not worth even trying to time… so I guess those are still considered Braxton Hicks?! I’m ready for some action over here!!
Symptoms: Braxton Hicks, sometimes really painful shooting pains in my uterus, it feels like he’s in there head butting my pubic bone! Ouch!
Belly Button in or out? out
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Definitely Happy! But completely consumed with baby on the brain! It feels impossible to think about ANYTHING else, or talk about anything else! He’s all consuming and we want to meet him! So I’ve definitely been anxious and impatient lately… which is getting old! Ohhhh, and I am incredibly jealous of a few people who were due AFTER ME and have had their babies for over a week now!!!! Ughhhhhhh, that kills me!
Looking forward to: Holding my baby for the first time, and kissing him all over, and hearing his first cry, seeing Pat’s face when they meet, ALL OF IT! COME OUT!

^^ Yeah, I let my husband dress himself, haha ^^

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39.5 weeks! Come on baby!!

Hello friends!! How are we all doing this week?! I am impatiently waiting the arrival of my SON!!! I’m due on April 19th, so he could come anyyyyyyy day now! I know a lot of first pregnancies end up going past their due date, but I think I might just go a little bit nutty if that happens to me, so I am crossing all my fingers and toes that he decides to join our clan a little early ;) At this point I’m not really thinking about ANYTHING else but meeting my little man!
Total weight gain: 25 so far!
Maternity clothes? yes, but mostly no, I’ve sort of just given up on them at this point, so bored with them. Now that the weather is so nice I have gotten a second wind with putting outfits together and I’ve been tapping into other areas of my closet :)
Stretch marks? not yet, praying I can make it through without any!
Sleep: Pretty good considering the size of this bump now, I usually get up once or twice to go tinkle but that’s about it!
Best moment this week: Oh gosh, it’s so hard to pinpoint one thing, there’s a lot of great moments through out my week! But, I would have to say my best friend since kindergarten and her mom coming to visit me and my mom and having a little girlie date, was pretty fabulous!
Movement? Plenty! He’s a busy little guy in there! He was really active the night of the full moon, I thought maybe that meant he was making his way out, but here we are… still preggo :)
Food Cravings: none currently
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope! lucky me!
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: I have noticed a few contractions, but I’m pretty sure they’re just Braxton Hicks because they never seem to escalate…
Symptoms: Braxton hicks, charlie horse sensation in my groin (that’s fun!), back ache every now and then, but most of the time I feel pretty great! Just trying to keep active, walk this little one out!
Belly Button in or out? out
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY! Everyday is just so exciting, thinking “this could be the day!” but definitely feeling anxious too!
Looking forward to: meeting my son!!

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